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Match report | Oxford Shooting VS Swindon Spitfires



The Oxford Shooting Stars got off to winning ways in their first home game of the season on Saturday night. The challenge game against new local rivals The Swindon Spitfires had all the makings of a classic Oxford Swindon derby with lots of goals, plenty of skill and the odd set of handbags.

Swindon Spitfires turned up looking like a very professional outfit all in matching team attire, boasting a full roster including physios and some supporters, there was even a moment when they was spotted taking to an off ice warm up in the Oxpens car park.

The game started fast and furious with the Spitfires getting the best of the first 30 seconds but it was the Shooting Stars that got the opening goal when Martin Sponar picked up a spilt puck on the point and skated the length of the ice to shoot it over the goalies shoulder. Oxford struck quickly again with Jakub Braunstein opening his tally following a Tom Kosar pass, the line struck again 2 minutes later with Tom Kosar once again being selfless setting club captain James Schall to find the net. The Spitfires struck back when a shot from Sebastian Chiffers deflected in of an Oxford skate. Oxford got back to scoring ways again with Jarred Taylor, Martin Sponar and Jakub Braunstein finding the net for 3 goals in just over a minute. Pavel Zebrak found his way to the penalty box for holding but the Shooting Stars defended with ease. Jakub Braunstein found the net again to complete his hat trick with only 10 minutes on the clock, whilst Tom Kosar was padding out the assist column. Late on in the first Curtis "Chopper" Hobday let go of a shot from the point to score his first Shooting Stars goal and pick up his first biscuit. The period ended with a Spitfire goal when Oliver Hopkins pounced on a loose puck in front of the goal.

The 2nd period took some getting into with the Shooting Stars not able to convert a power play effort early on. It took until the 6th minute for Oxford to reopen the flood gates when Jakub Braunstein fired the puck home followed up by James Schall and Tom Kosar finding the net and trading goals for assists. The Spitfires hit back with Avery well worked goal Bradley Edington sprung Joseph O'Donavon to skate in and fire calmly to hit the net. Shortly after Pavel Zabrek freed Jarred Taylor for his 2nd and Jakub Braunstein and Martin Sponar adding more goals shortly after. With 3 minutes to go Oxford drew a penalty, net minder Rob Newnes quick skating allowed The Shooting Stars to get Peter Smith out as an extra attacker. Jack Shrimpton (with the added pressure of being drawn out as our points for KEEN player) calmly held up the puck from 3 Spitfires to open Peter Smith up from the high slot forcing everyone to dip into their pockets and donate some money to a fantastic charity! The period ended with one more goal for Tom Kosar and some tempers flaring over after a late hit on the buzzer followed up with some trash talking and some more handbags by the players benches.

The third Period started with The Shooting Stars coach Peter Smith serving 2+2+10 and the Spitfires Sebastian Chiffers also serving 2+2+10 for the end of period handbags. This didn't phase Oxford though who kept themselves organised and carried on the onslaught! Martin Sponar being the first to react followed up by Lee Merrill and Tom Kosar grabbing three more whilst Martin Sponar found the net thanks to a pass from Curtis Hobday. The Spitfires picked up a consolation goal when Andrew White snipes home with a well taken goal at the back post. With 3 minutes to go Jack Shrimpton kept us digging deep in our pockets when a long pass from Jarred set Jack free to bury the puck in the net! 15 seconds later Jack returned the compliment and set Jarred Taylor up for his first Hat trick in a Shooting Stars Jersey! James Schall rounded the game off with 8 seconds to go..

The game had many firsts and sadly a last... Jarreds hat trick, successful points for keen effort from Jack and Chopper Hobday scoring his first goal. Sadly though it was also former captain Tom Kosar's last game before returning home. We all owe Tom a massive thank you for his efforts on the ice as a player, teammate, coach and a captain! He has been a true hero of the team and emphasises what this club is about. Congratulations Tom and all the best on your return back to Slovakia!


Points scorers 
Jakub Braunstein 5+5
Martin Šponar 5+0
Tom Kosar 5+7
James Schall4+2
Jarred Rex Taylor 3+1
Jack Shrimpton 1+2
Curtis Hobday 1+1
Peter Smith 1+0 14 pims
Lee Merrill 1+0
Martin Bureau 0+3 2 pims
Pavel Zebrak 0+2 2 pims
Charlotte Chamberlain 0+1

MoM awarded to Tom Kosar

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