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It's with great pleasure that we are able to announce the return of 5 key members to The Oxford Shooting Stars roster for the coming season.

We're thrilled to announce that Co-Founder & Head Coach, Pete Smith has re-signed for another season. Pete has been a true advocate of the club's ethos that "everyone can play" since it's inception 7 years ago.


After several years of development and progression the team put on their best performance ever last season and the club owes a huge debt of gratitude to Pete - for the hard work and long hours he has put in with his coaching team to get the club's 2nd place result in the Deke Sports Challenge Cup last season. 

When we caught up with Pete he had this to say about the coming season, "As the new season is approaching we look to improve on where we left off at the end of last season. With a great run of form and vast development through all the players the club had one of their most successful seasons last year. Moving forward we don't look to rest on our laurels and want to make 16-17 season the best yet. We have strengthened the squad with some new faces and look set to continue the development of the players that showed much promise last year. The plan is to return to winning ways in the Deke Sport Cup and back that up with picking up the trophy in Lyon. But most importantly we are going to have fun along the way."


Welcome back Pete.

What a joy to be able to announce the return of Karen Davenport to the roster. 


Karen has been a crucial part of the coaching team at Oxford Shooting Stars for the past 6 years, specialising in the basic disciplines of skating & puck control.

Although Karen may not ice this season due to an ongoing knee injury it's really comforting knowing that she will be there on game day managing the bench and making the right line changes at the right time. She proved her worth last season as The Shooting Stars went on an unrivaled winning streak in The Deke Sports Challenge Cup.


We had a little chat with Karen about her return for next season. She had this to say, "I am happy to be able to stay involved and that you all still tolerate me rocking up to boss you all about."

Welcome back Karen.

Oli joined the Shooting Stars in 2013 and has been a key member of the roster ever since. We're delighted to announce his re-registration for the coming season.

As well as being a solid forward on ice, Oli brings bundles of banter and giggles to the dressing room. We just never know what he's going to say next.

Loved by all on the squad it's no surprise that Oli will ice again this season for the Shooting Stars despite currently nursing a back injury.

We caught up with Oli earlier this week and he had this to say, "I can't wait to get the thumbs up from the physio and get back onto the ice! I hope to carry on the success of last season into the new one!"

Welcome back Oli.

Adam "Cookie" Cooke has been a part of the Shooting Stars from day one and is one of our best long serving defensive players - we're excited to have him back on the roster this season.

When he winds up from the blue line, it's a brave man who tries to block that shot.

His defensive & offensive awareness is excellent which very often sees him generating multiple points per game.

A key player for The Shooting Stars.

Welcome back Cookie.

Matty has been a key part of our defensive lineup for some years now and we're delighted that he's re-registered for the coming season.

We caught up with Matty earlier this week and he had this to say, "I'm looking forward to another successful season and I'm hoping we can improve on last year's achievements."

As well as being one of our top defenders, Matty is also our player liaison officer so if any new comers or existing players need any help with anything, Matty is the go-to guy - an all round good egg and fierce advocate for the Oxford Shooting stars.


Welcome back Matty. 

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