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The team are thrilled to announce our Captain and Alternates for the coming season.

James Schall will Captain the side again after a record year for the Shooting Stars under his lead last season. The news was announced at the club AGM last week in Oxford and all in attendance were ecstatic that James will lead the team onto the ice again. James has been a massive credit  not only to Shooting Stars hockey over the years but ice hockey in Oxford generally. He's always easily able to rally the team together and push them forward to success especially when fighting back from a deficit in the 3rd period. We're delighted that James will captain the side once again.

James shared his thoughts with us on his renewed appointment, "Being asked to be the captain for this team for a second season ranks as one of the highlights of my life, while the Oxford Shooting Stars may only be a recreational Ice Hockey team, playing ice hockey for fun and not a NHL professional squad, this bunch of players are a joy to represent, the team bonding and friendship is like none I have ever known. Brothers, sisters and family. They are my team and I am their captain".

Congratulations James…

Our first Alternate Captain goes to a worthy contender in Lee Merrill. Lee has been with the Shooting Stars for many years playing forward, defence and even in goal on occasion. He's also stepped in to cover the captaincy when needed. He's got the right motivation and his sheer love for the sport and the team make him a worthy alternate.

Lee is excited about the coming season with the Shooting stars and had this to say, "I'm so excited for the new season to start and proud to have been given one of the A's to help James Schall, our returning captain. We are a strong team that never gives up pushing towards our goals, we've had some ups and downs but always keep our heads held high. Our great coaches finding ways to improve the team all the time, pushing us to work hard every week will definitely make us focus on the top spot this season".
Congratulations Lee… and that…


Our second Alternate is awarded to Jakub Braunstein, another worthy contender and a part of the coaching committee too. One of our leading goal scorers last season, top skater and all round great guy. He's Mr dependable and we can always count on Jakub to deliver the goods when it's most needed. Adding Jakub to the alternates line-up with James and Lee truly makes for a well-rounded leadership on the ice for the coming season.

Jakub is delighted to be wearing the "A" for the Shooting Stars and had this to say, "First of all I would like to thank the club for appointing me as one of the captain's alternate for the upcoming season. It's a truly big honor for me to stand this position and I promise to do my best to fulfill the trust I am given. Currently I'm also taking a part in our coaching team, where I'm focusing on skating. Here I would really like to thank all Shooting Stars players for their big effort and for all the hard work. I'm really happy to see the huge progress we made since the beginning of the last season until now. We will keep working hard on ourselves as our goals for the next season are high. Primarily we want to win the Deke Sport Challenge Cup and also we want to win the Lyon Ice hockey tournament and bring the trophy back to UK. It's a real pleasure to be part of this great team and I can't wait for the start of the next season which I believe will be even more successful then this one".
Congratulations Jakub...


Finally, our third Alternate is awarded to Thomas Clavier. Our resident Frenchman who has thrown himself into the Shooting Stars club absolutely deserves this appointment. When not lacing up his skates he arrives on game day in his tuxedo and completely drowns out any other fan in the stands. His organisational skills when we travelled to Lyon last season were invaluable. Thomas loves this team through and through and adding him to the on-ice leadership of the club makes for a very exciting season to come.

Thomas had this to say about his new appointment, "What a surprise and an honour to have been nominated 3rd alternate to our great captain, James Schall. I am not always on the ice due to other commitments but I support the team from wherever I can (stand, the pod, the bench). This season should see the Oxford Shooting Stars improving their game and their support to the community through our KEEN partnership. As my fellow alternates, Lee Merrill and Jakub Braunstein, I can not wait for the games to start to show the world what the Oxford Shooting Stars are made of!".

Congratulations Thomas…


Please join us in congratulating James Schall, Lee Merrill, Jakub Braunstein and Thomas Clavier on their appointments and we wish them every success in leading the team this coming season.

James Schall - Captain
James Schall
Lee Merrill
Lee Merrill
Jakub Braunstein
Thomas Clavier
Thomas Clavier
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