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France 2017

French Tournament Announced

For many years it's been the players' highlight of the season to make a little trip across the English channel to take on a French tournament and this year is no different.


This year due to reconstruction work at the rink in Lyon it was unsure whether the competition would go ahead. We waited with baited breath for weeks not knowing if we'd be able to have another go at bringing the trophy back to the UK. Back and forth it went, it's on, it's off, we're not sure and then finally the news struck. There would be no tournament in Lyon this year. Devastating news for all.

The Oxford Shooting Stars committee gathered together to start looking for alternatives and again we entered a state of uncertainty. Back and forth it went again. Many hours on the phone, messages and translations later we found ourselves with an invite to compete in a similar style competition in Dammarie-lès-Lys, France. Hooray! - A huge thank you goes out to our committee for all their hard work and finally coming through for us.

So, on the 16th June we pack our bags, muscle rub and pain killers to set off for foreign shores in the hope of bringing home some silverware.

Our previous international efforts have been varied as the competition in France is tough.

2014 - 3rd        2015 - 1st         2016 - 5th 

We're waiting for confirmation of the tournament structure and we'll share that with you soon but what we do know is: we've got a tournament to compete in, the minibus is booked, the kit van is fuelled up and ready to go, the hotel rooms are booked, the team has been picked and our players are now getting very excited. 

If you'd like to stay up to date while we're away keep checking our social media feeds for updates throughout the tournament - links here -->       Facebook  Twitter 

We'd like to take this moment to extend a huge thank you again to the committee members for their hard work, volunteering their time and energy to make events like this a reality - Thank you!


To our sponsors for their continued support and contributions which help this club thrive the way it does - Thank you!

To the teams in Dammarie-lès-Lys for the invitation - Thank you!

And finally, to all the players heading out to France -


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